How wheat is grown and harvested
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How wheat is grown and harvested

Growing and harvesting wheat is a difficult process. In order to grow a rich crop of wheat, it is necessary to take into account many factors and carry out time-consuming and complex work.

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Soil preparation before sowing

First of all, it is necessary to carry out pre-sowing preparation of the soil. This concept includes a number of important activities:

  • Aeration;
  • Moisture retention;
  • Weed control;
  • Removal of remnants of previous cultures;
  • Leveling of the soil surface.
  • Two traditional methods are used to cultivate arable land: harrowing and cultivation.

In this way, it is possible to achieve optimal soil density and the absence of large lumps. Mulching allows to accumulate moisture in the soil, reduce the amount of weeds and pests.

Two weeks later, after carrying out agrotechnical measures, the arable land is plowed with a plow.

Sowing wheat

For the successful cultivation of spring wheat, it is important to carefully select the seed material.

The percentage of grain purity and germination should be sufficiently high. Before sowing, the seeds are treated with special preparations so that they become stronger and better adapted to the growing conditions.

Sowing begins already when the air temperature warms up to +2 degrees.

On light soil, the optimal sowing depth is 5-6 cm, on heavy soil — 3-4 cm.


Crop care

Care of spring wheat crops is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • A week after sowing, it is necessary to harrow. Thus, it is possible to clean the land from weeds.
  • The next step in the fight against weeds is the use of herbicides.
  • Next, insecticidal treatment is carried out to destroy insect pests.
  • If there are signs of bacterial infection, treatment with fungicides is carried out.

Fertilization of wheat

When growing wheat, a large amount of fertilizers is used, since there are few lands rich in nutritious chernozem in the country.

A suitable type of fertilizer is selected taking into account the stage of wheat development:

  • The tillering period is the stage at which foliar feeding is applied.
  • When wheat goes into the tube, it is necessary to use nitrogen fertilizers and fertilizers containing phosphorus.
  • Potassium fertilizers are applied at the earing stage.
  • During the grain pouring period, it is necessary to continue applying potash fertilizers to the soil.


The optimal moment for harvesting spring wheat comes when the humidity of the grain is in the range of 15-20%. The technology of direct combining is used for harvesting wheat.

It is very important not to be late with harvesting, since in this case the quality of the grain will decrease significantly.

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