How to move to a private house correctly
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How to move to a private house correctly

Moving can be compared to renovation. You also need to collect and take out all your things, then bring them in and arrange them. And if the actual move by car with loading and unloading will take up to noon, then collecting things and then arranging them will take another couple of days.

And there is still time to urgently search for the necessary things. Therefore, you need to plan everything in advance, allocate time, and act according to plan. Order transport at least a day before the move and receive confirmation. Take into account the time for movers to disassemble and assemble, pack and unpack large furniture and equipment. Professional relocation will help you do it hollywood movers.



It is important to immediately abandon the idea of disassembling furniture, and even worse, loading everything yourself.

Professionals will do everything much faster, carefully, using proven technologies and with the necessary mechanization devices.

You need to prepare things for moving:

  • Collect the required number of cardboard boxes in the nearest stores or directly from the company that will transport you.
  • Put hygiene and essential items in your bag or individual bags. They should be on hand for a few days.
  • Pack fragile items with glass, ceramics, plastic, equipment, paintings separately in bubble wrap, several layers of cardboard with tape. Place each item in bubble wrap, paper or cloth, then tightly into boxes. The entire fragile category is loaded and posted separately.
  • Pack things in boxes by category and mark them, write lists, and tape them to the boxes. Collect books in piles of convenient weight, wrap them in paper with tape, and tape for carrying.
  • Furniture and equipment should also be wrapped in bubble wrap, cardboard, and tape. Entrust large furniture to be dismantled by movers, emptied in advance.

Once you’ve packed everything, check the boxes for lists of items.


Make a list of loading spaces and boxes, calculate their total and separate volume. The list is needed to control loading and unloading, and to inform the carrier about the volume in order to select the machine model and the number of loaders.

It is better to prepare everything the day before the move.


You need to negotiate a few days in advance, with a trusted or reputable company.

Tell them the exit and travel addresses, number of floors. Check entrance access. If there are security or locks, agree on a date and time in advance. Clear the passage in front of the house and clear it of dirt and debris. Cover expensive floor coverings in apartments and houses with film and cardboard so that they do not wrap up. On the day of the move, call ahead to check everyone’s readiness. And move.

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